Thursday, 12 November 2015


I recently went to an event in London, it was a showcase for event industry professionals and as such, you would expect that the bar, laid on for visitors, would showcase the very best of event bar services. Nothing could have been further from it; it was one of the worst event bars that I had ever come across.
The staff ignored waiting customers whilst discussing personal issues. When i was eventually served. my server did not know how to work the card machine. The bar was filthy with rubbish everywhere and the price list only had one white wine, one red wine, a cider and a choice of one of one bottled lager, a 275ml bottle of Carlsberg at £4.70! Then to be told it was a minimum £5 spend on a debit card, forcing you to go without, or buy two drinks, very clever! My defining memory of that day is not of the great exhibits but of being ripped off at the bar.
I spend roughly two hours a week trawling the net, checking to see what our competitors are up to. It’s a couple of hours of mixed emotions as the same old depressing issues that brought me into this business, are witnessed over and over again.
Bars that look like they have been made at home by someone with limited DIY skills. Bars that claim to have “the largest range of alcohol of any UK mobile bar company,” then you visit their gallery to see that they have less than twenty items on offer. Bars that have “hidden” clauses within their T&Cs, clearly designed to strip the client of their deposit. Bars that charge outrageous prices (yes Blue Frog have some very expensive alcohol but not without a well-priced, brand alternative!) And then there are the repeated claims to be, “the fastest growing mobile bar company in the UK.” Really, based on what data exactly?!
Every week I get calls from people that have been let down by mobile bars with less than a month to their event and it’s always the same comment, “They told us that they had double booked.” Really? What they mean is that that they had a last minute offer of a bigger booking and were happy to drop people in it for the money! Is that fair, I think not!
I guess I should be happy that a lot of the competition is offering such a bad service but I’m not, because for many clients, the bar is the last thing that they book and their budget is either tight or spent, so the temptation is to go for the cheap option that promises the world and fails to deliver. 
But, it’s not all doom and gloom, like Blue Frog, there are several other companies out there striving to change the industry, companies like Bartenders Inc, who pride themselves on excellent service and are the only other mobile bar company that we are happy to recommend.  
Blue Frog is not perfect, we still have work to do, are always learning and striving to improve. But I would not dream of letting a client down at the last minute or making false claims about our service. We offer what I believe, really is the largest range of alcohol of any UK mobile bar company and I’m willing to delete that comment if you find bigger.
We operate with honesty, integrity and pride in what we do and are determined to add something special to a client’s day, not take advantage of it….
I would be interested to hear of your experiences and if you have come across a great event bar, please feel free to name them, we're not afraid of a little competition.

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