Tuesday, 19 January 2016


We are absolutely passionate about making sure that our clients get a great service from start to finish. We believe in being open and honest and believe that it’s essential that clients know exactly what they are getting on their special day.

Back in December, we published a post about the false claims that we see other mobile bar companies making. We have now reported one of those companies to advertising standards for their false claims that are designed to mislead clients.

Since then, we have come across another company misleading clients.

This time it's not their words that are an issue but the photos that they are using. In this instance, they are using photos that they have taken directly from other company web sites and are passing them off as their own. We know this because we recognised the photos and knew where they originated. After contacting the owners of the photos, our suspicions were confirmed.

You would have to ask yourself if a company that is happy to take other people’s photos and pass them off as their own, is a company that you can trust to provide services on your special day.

Unfortunately we can't name these companies for legal reasons but we would advise anyone looking to hire a mobile bar to ask the companies if photos on their website are their own and if they claim to be, "The UK’s fastest growing mobile bar supplier," ask them to prove it!

Blue Frog Bars are proud to claim that we have "the largest range of alcohol of any U.K mobile bar company." How can we make this claim?

We regularly trawl the Internet looking at our competitors, firstly we check their list of drinks (if they publish a price list) and then we go to their gallery page and take a long look at photos of their back bar. As of yet, we have not seen a single company that can even come close to stocking the range of drinks that we do.


All of the bar photos that you see on our website are of our bar.

Thank you for reading this article and please don’t hesitate to contact us, if we can help with any events that you may be planning.

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