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A Blue Frog Bar supplies approximately 140 spirits as standard, 40 of which are now gin. The photo above is now a little out of date (Sorry about that) as we've added quite a few since this was taken.

Why do we have sooooo many gins?

Well, as the title to this post suggests, gin is well and truly IN. You guys just cant get enough of it and we love the reaction when people approach the bar asking for a G&T and find out that they have 40 to choose from.

To see our full list of gins and the rest of our huge range, just click on the link: BAR PRICE LIST

Many of our gins are multiple award winners such as Herno and Gilpins, then there are the more unusual such as the Anti Gin, with only 99 bottles released to the public, of which, we have bottle number 19.

Our top seller is Hendricks which is hugely popular but Tanqueray, of which we stock 6 different kinds, is a very close second.

When asked to recommend a gin, i always select Jinzu and that's because the feedback we get is amazing. People are blown away by this award winning gin.

The innovative Jinzu Gin has the well-known flavour of Gin with a creaminess from the Sake. The Gin element is distilled with Japanese-inspired botanicals, including cherry blossom and yuzu lemon - a citrus fruit that tastes of orange and mandarin, and which provided the inspiration for the name 'Jinzu' - along with more traditional Gin botanicals. It is then blended with Sake. 
"Jinzu" is the name of a river in Japan that flows past 1,000 cherry trees. And that cherry tree branch on the label is actually a diagram of part of the river itself. You can't say Davies hasn't provided sufficient fun facts to pass on to interested punters...'

How does the creator of this amazing gin recommend serving it;
"My fave is the Toyama cocktail - 50ml Jinzu, 10ml Dry Vermouth, 5ml Umeshu".

Thanks Dee!
So, lets talk tonic.....

Well, we stock only the best tonics and mixers and we believe (as do many in the industry) that you can not get better than Fever Tree. Fever Trees sales are expected to increase 77% this year and that is no doubt down to people wanting as much from their tonics as they get from their premium spirits.

We serve Fever Tree:
Premium Indian Tonic Water
Naturally Light Tonic Water
Mediterranean Tonic Water
Elderflower Tonic Water
Ginger Ale
Soda Water
Sicilian Lemonade

Talking of Fever Tree, we were delighted to provide part of our bar at the beautiful boutique, "Ham Yard Hotel" in Soho for part of the London Cocktail Week. The bar was used by Fever Tree, Warner Edwards, Masons, Beefeater 24 and Edgerton's gin.

So, if you're looking for a spectacular gin bar for your event, you wont find better than a Blue Frog Gin Bar.

Give us a call on 01256 883146 for more information.

Thanks for reading.

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