Monday, 13 June 2016

Do it yourself bars!

As a mobile bar owner, I keep a very close eye on my competition and the industry trends, but today I decided to research an area that I’ve never really looked at before and that was to check out “Wedding bar articles” online. I wanted to see what advice was being offered to future Bride and Grooms, in relation to alcohol at their wedding.

After only an hour, I’ve had to take a break from pulling my hair out and feel the need to break into my own stock of Tequila to drown my sorrows! It would appear that the current trend is to encourage couples to “Do it yourself.” 

Sure, mobile bars have a bad rap and the industry has only itself to  blame after years of providing overpriced, understaffed, poorly stocked bars that look like they have been built by someone who needs the assistance of DIY SOS.

We’ve all been to that event where the bar is a trestle table with a cloth, one obscure lager on tap that costs £5.00 per pint and a choice of a measly five spirits at a price that would make the Park Lane, London bars blush!

But things are changing for the better! There are now a host of exceptional mobile bars out there offering fabulous service, great choice, realistic prices and stunning bars.

Working behind a bar is no longer the reserve of University students just looking to make a few quid in beer money. It’s a game full of professionals with award ceremonies for the very best bartenders, being held in glamorous locations around the world. For many people bar tending is now a career and this is helping to raise the industry bar (excuse the pun!) to incredible levels of expertise.

Keeping that in mind, let’s talk weddings.

The average UK wedding now costs £20,500 and you will put months of effort into planning the perfect day. Once the formalities are over, it’s time to finally relax and for you and your guests to let your hair down. 

Trust me when I say that running a bar is an art. You may have four; five or even six hours of your day left and it takes a huge amount of very hard work and planning to keep people watered and entertained in a fun, friendly and efficient manner. 

If you run the bar by yourself or have a “mate that once pulled a pint in a local,” doing it for you and it’s badly run or you run out of booze, that’s the only thing that  people will remember about your big day.

Of course, it’s in my interest to convince people to book a professional bar but I’m serious, telling people to try running their own bar, on the most important day of their life, is utterly insane and a sure fire way to end the day on a huge low.

So, please stop telling people how to do their own bar. It’s like telling people to cater for themselves and you wouldn’t dream of doing that, would you?

A Blue Frog Bar is free to hire, giving you access to a fabulous bar and dedicated team of professionals that aim to make the last few hours of your big day, as memorable as the first few hours.

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